James Thorley Counselling



My name is James and I am an experienced Person-Centred Counsellor and Supervisor. I offer counselling sessions for individual clients, relationship counselling for couples and supervision for counsellors.

It can feel a daunting prospect to take the step into counselling, however the benefits can be life changing. You need not feel alone with difficult and fearful emotions, the process of counselling offers a confidential space where you can feel safe to explore anything that might be troubling you. Your situation and feelings are unique to you, I will not judge you nor tell you what to do, but will listen and support you in finding the right path that suits you and your life. Counselling can help build confidence and self-esteem and when working with couples can help build communication and understanding. I am passionate and committed to helping all my clients work towards a more comfortable sense of emotional well-being. I will work alongside you, guided by whatever you want to explore and any changes you would like to make.

I have extensive experience of working with addiction both privately and within residential settings. If the use of alcohol, drugs or medication is affecting your life in a negative way, asking for help can be a challenging prospect. A safe, confidential and professional space where assistance is available, may help you feel ready to make the changes needed to begin living life free from addiction. You will be supported non-judgmentally and we will work at your own pace to explore the issues relating to your addiction and your responses to life.


Call or Text- 07932160750

Email- jamesthorleycounselling@gmail.com